Five facts about the Australian Grand Prix

Podium by numbers
Incredibly, Sunday’s race marked the first time in Formula One history that each driver’s position on the podium directly corresponded to the number of titles he has won. Kimi Raikkonen (1 title) took victory, followed by Fernando Alonso (2 titles), while third place was taken by Sebastian Vettel (3 titles).

New millennium racers

Following the departure of Michael Schumacher and Pedro de la Rosa from the sport at the end of last season, Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix was the first time in Formula One history that all of the drivers competing had made their Grand Prix debuts in the 21st century. Jenson Button is currently the most experienced driver on the grid, having made his debut in Australia in 2000.

Bad luck Nico

Nico Hulkenberg’s failure to start the race following a problem with his fuel cell meant that the German has never completed a racing lap in Australia in three attempts. In his previous two efforts, he was taken out in crashes on the first lap.

Finnish success

Kimi Raikkonen’s victory on Sunday was the third time a Finnish driver has won in Melbourne, following his own success in 2007 and Mika Hakkinen’s win in 1998. On both other occasions they went onto win the championship. A good omen for the future perhaps?

Flying Bianchi

Jules Bianchi’s fastest lap time of 1:30.454 was the 11st quickest time set during the race, but incredibly was also the fastest time that anyone set on the super-soft tyres, an astonishing achievement by the Marussia driver, whose best lap was just 0.058 seconds shy of that of Sebastian Vettel on the faster and more durable medium tyre.

Stephen D’Albiac


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