About Me

My name is Stephen D’Albiac, I’m 23 and from Yeovil, Somerset. Having graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a first class honours degree in Sports Journalism in 2014, for the last 18 months I have worked as a news reporter at the Western Gazette newspaper.

I have set up this blog in order to give my thoughts on Formula One and motorsport in general. I have followed Formula One since 2000 and would call myself a die-hard fan of the sport. In addition to F1 I also regularly follow several other forms of motorsport including GP2, GP3, MotoGP, IndyCar, BTCC and NASCAR.

It is my ambition to pursue motorsport journalism as a career in the future.

You can follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/sdalbiacf1.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alex Carter recommended this in his twitter feed and its really good stuff mate. Really impressed with the website as well, I mean structure and content its very impressive. Keep it up.

  2. Hello, I’ve just come across your blog. A very interesting read. I’m posting on behalf of Bolton Le-Moors Car Club. We are a local car club for individuals interested in motorsport with the aim to get people involved. We’re in the process of relaunching our website and I was thinking of posting a few blog features on the world of motorsport – something like once a week to get more people engaged etc. Would it be possible to re-blog some of yours under your name on our website or for you to even write some new features for us, on a time-scale that suits yourself. Maybe we could put a further link to your site as well. If you’re interested then get in touch at boltoncarclub@googlemail.com.

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